The Importance of Apologizing

I apologize…

Touching Your

apology-forgiveness-conflict-Bj-rn-Meyer.jpg - Björn Meyer/ Getty Images

Apologizing allows both parties to come together and move on.  Björn Meyer/ Getty Images

Updated December 04, 2014.

Why Apologizing Is Important

We may have learned about the need for apologizing when we’ve hurt a friend — accidentally or otherwise — but do you know why apologizing is really important, and what function a good apology serves? Researchers and psychologists have pinpointed some important reasons why apologizing is necessary when social rules have been violated. Some of the good things that come from a sincere apology:

  • Apologizing when you’ve broken a rule of social conduct — from cutting in line to breaking the law — re-establishes that you know what the “rules” are, and you agree that they should be upheld. This allows others to feel safe knowing you agree that hurtful behavior isn’t OK.
  • Apologies re-establish dignity for those you hurt. Letting…

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